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Syfy’s Vagrant Queen is a mashup of Star Wars, Firefly, and the MCU

Photo: Marcos Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY Plus Doctor Who and more fan favorites Syfy’s space-opera TV series Vagrant Queen feels simultaneously novel and deeply familiar. The 10-episode first season, based on Magdalene Visaggio’s 2018 Vault Comics series, is set in a distant galaxy, where titular renegade monarch Elida (Adriyan Rae) tries to evade the forces that overthrew…

Resident Evil 3 is the rare sequel that does less

Image: Capcom Capcom’s latest remake is once again excellent, but safe and short Resident Evil 3 is haunted by the gargantuan expectations of quality established by its predecessor, the groundbreaking Resident Evil 2. That is as true for this year’s remake as it was for the original PlayStation game; Resident Evil 2 was one of…