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SNES Classic returning to Best Buy on Nov. 25

In-store only this Saturday Looking for Nintendo’s Super NES Classic Edition for the holidays? Try your local Best Buy this Saturday, Nov. 25. The retailer said in a press release today that it will have “limited quantities” of the SNES Classic in Best Buy stores across the United States. Best Buy stores will open at…

UK Gambling Commission weighs in on loot crate legality

Statement warns of blurred lines The UK Gambling Commission today posted a statement clarifying that video game loot boxes do not qualify as gambling under current British law. However, the statement also warns that loot boxes show how "the line between video gaming and gambling is becoming increasingly blurred." It's the UK Gambling Commission's job…

Doom mod mocks loot box madness

Keys and random drops added to classic Electronic Arts' decision to insert loot box-driven gameplay into Star Wars Battlefront 2 may well turn out to have been one of the worst in publishing history. The company had to pull back after consumer uproar. Gamers have had enough of crappy free-to-play gouging grafted onto full-price games,…